Alpha-blockers in urology

Alpha-blockers include substances that competitively inhibit alpha-adrenergic receptors – phentolamine, tropodifen, hydrogenated derivatives of ergot alkaloids and other substances. Effect of alpha-blockers does not coincide completely with the blockade of nerve impulses coming to postganglionic fibers, since these substances block the stimulatory effects mainly related to the initiation of alpha-AR. Same inhibitory effects (eg relaxation

Combined therapy in the treatment of early hypertension

In hypertension, target blood pressure can not be achieved with monotherapy in most patients. The guidelines of associations of drugs that can be used to start treatment, mentions only a combination of a beta-blocker with a diuretic. To check whether the long-term blood pressure may depend on the initial treatment regimen, designed a study in which all patients at the end of the study applied the same treatment – a combination of amlodipine (US trade name: Norvasc) and aliskiren (brand name: Tekturna) – with half of them began therapy

A new method for diagnosing prostate cancer

Scientists of the Michigan University have developed a new method for diagnosis of localized prostate cancer. According to the authors, it is more accurate than PSA test. A new method – Mi-Prostate Score – is urine analysis for the presence of two molecular markers of prostate cancer in the sample. This complements the traditional blood

Find out how to treat Canker Sore with Valtrex

Canker Sore is a extremely spread disease concerning a lot of men and women in the world. Whereas a lot of people believe that it is not severe, it is actual trouble that can lead to a a wide variety of physical sign too. The virus is able to affect many different parts of the